The SNOO Sleeper – Our First Review

Hello! In case you don’t know me, my name is Nicole – daughter of North Star Newborns founder Ellen Roeser, fellow resident of St. Louis Park and mother of three littles 4 and under.

If that last sentence doesn’t give a good reason why I was excited to try this magical SNOO thing, nothing will.

Here is me in the hospital after the birth of my newest daughter:

Gleefully enjoying my quiet time in the hospital where people bring you food and pain meds.

A quick backstory for you: after both my first and second children, serious (and yet ordinary) sleep deprivation lead to both Postpartum Depression and Postpartum Anxiety that I was able to keep under control with therapy. It got better as my children got older and slept better, but it was rough. 1 in 7 moms go through what I do.

So when my mom told me about the SNOO, and that she wanted to to test it out for North Star Newborns, I was 100% in – something that will get my baby to fall asleep and stay asleep longer? Twist my arm.

The SNOO! Functional and beautiful.

Well. Baby girl is now approaching 6 weeks of age, and I love this thing. The following are just a few wonderful things that I am loving about the SNOO, and that are fulfilling its mission of giving moms and babies “Serious Sleep”:

1) THE APP. The app, you guys.

Why yes – this SNOO log is showing that my daughter was sound asleep for over 4.5 hours at a time. And woke up only once that night!

The app is fabulous. I can see exactly how long the baby slept and when she was restless. I can adjust the movement settings and control the whole crib remotely while laying down in my own bed. The crib works by slowly increasing movement and sound that mimick the womb when your baby cries, and it shuts off if your baby is really fussing and needs you (crying for more than 4 minutes with the highest level of movement and sound). I am able to see, track and adjust this all from my smart phone.

2) THE SNOO ITSSELF. Every night when we put our baby down to sleep, even if she was just sound asleep on my shoulder, she wakes right up. The SNOO has her back out in 3 minutes flat. No more 45 minutes on the exercise ball at bedtime. Once she is asleep, the SNOO reduces to a small amount of movement and white noise which keeps the baby fast asleep until she is ready to eat.

On average (minus a few nights of growth spurts and normal cluster feeding) I am only getting up twice, sometimes ONCE! Which means I am sleeping more and better than I did when I was pregnant. And I am feeling pretty darn good during the day, which is a must not only for my mental and physical wellbeing, but also is a basic requirement for caring for three small children.

Best of all – the SNOO keeps my little one safe. As a third time mom I honestly don’t worry too much about anything. That being said, the SNOO swaddle and configuration keeps my baby safely and tightly swaddled and on her back all night long (the SNOO only works if the baby is safely swaddled, and the swaddle is hooked into both sides, keeping baby from rolling into an unsafe position). Sleeping on the back isn’t always easy for a baby to adjust to, but the movement and sounds the SNOO provides makes baby as comfortable as possible on her back.

IN CONCLUSION: I am only a month and a half in, but so far the SNOO has really impressed me, and has actually aided in my recovery and mental wellbeing. I will post again as I prepare to wean my daughter off the SNOO and into her big-girl crib, so look for that in about 4 months. But for now, the SNOO is receiving two thumbs up from North Star Newborns – healthy mamas and healthy babies rejoice! If you can swing the price tag, this smart bassinet is totally worth it.

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