Introducing – the Turtle Tub! {Swaddle Bathing 101}

Ever heard of swaddle bathing? Me neither! And I am three kids in!

Here’s a little review of our new favorite newborn bather – the Turtle Tub.

Usually found in hospitals and NICUs, the Turtle Tub is coming to Amazon soon, and we have been eager to try it. The quick and simple concept – keeping your baby tightly swaddled for bath time which conserves heat, protects the umbilical cord stump (in a shallow swaddle bath) and keeps your little one happy and secure.

Too bad this wasn’t in the hospital when each of mine were born. They all screamed throughout their first traumatic bath experience… and continued to cry during those first early baths at home. Monica is now two months old, 10.5 pounds and still dislikes bath time. Until swaddle bathing in this Turtle Tub that is!

The tub has a built in thermometer to ensure your water is not too hot (or too cold – after filling up the tub and getting it to the right temp, I realized my baths are probably too chilly for baby!). It also has a cup that fits neatly to the side to fill with water and keep separate for when its time to rise. Also included are liners, disposable wash clothes, soap and more to make things extra quick and simple, and it makes cleanup a breeze.

The concept is simple and it works. Leaving baby swaddled, removing one limb at a time to wash, and then simply supporting baby on his or her side to rub in the swaddle cloth and clean the back and tummy.

Use your clean cup of warm water to rinse the hair and you’re done! Also included are little hairbrushes for some gentle help in the cradle cap department.

Follow up with a warm towel and some baby massage oil and you’ve got one seriously happy baby. No tears at bath time for the FIRST TIME EVER.

Here’s our favorite – Nature’s Paradise Organic Baby Oil (also comes unscented! It’s a dream).

Even if your baby might be beyond the infant tub stage, use some of these swaddle bathing techniques for a happier bath time. Two thumbs up for the Turtle Tub!

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