1. Get outside. Be in nature for at least 10 minutes to clear your mind and reset the mood, even during winter months. 
  2. Call or text a friend and ask how they are doing.
  3. Get out of the house and take a short drive. 
  4. Leave your phone upstairs and don’t feel like you have to be available 24/7. 
  5. Put on makeup or dress up. Doesn’t take long to do, but this can be a game changer in mood and productivity.  
  6. Go to the park and let the kids run around. Free and fun!
  7. Grab a book, and read.  
  8. Set a timer for 30-60 minutes and get as much done as possible. Then reward yourself with a nice homemade coffee or trip out of the house to get one if that’s what your headspace needs.  You’ll feel both productive and re-charged.
  9. It’s okay to leave that to-do list and simply sit and snuggle your children. They grow up fast and looking back, you won’t have wished you had cleaned more, but you will be happy you spent time with your kids.
  10. Pack a super simple picnic and eat at a local park. 
  11. Make your bed. 
  12. Cook a meal for your family. They are always worth cooking for.  Create memories in the kitchen and around the table.
  13. Go for a run or get your body moving, endorphins are amazing and it doesn’t have to take long. I mean, who doesn’t want a clearer mind and more energy?
  14. Set up a coffee date with a friend. 
  15. Set the timer for a 20 minute power cleanup with the kids. Tell them you’ll take them out to play chalk or for a bike ride afterwards. It’s a win-win! 
  16. It’s okay to take a nap. Sometimes a 15-30 minute snooze is all you need.  Drooling is allowed!
  17. Plan some meals that you can make ahead in the morning so it frees up time later in the day. Even better if it makes leftovers and covers you through the next day. Team leftovers over here!!!
  18. Batching! A great concept that may require a tad more work/ingredients upfront but brings welcomed reprieve another day. Like pre-made cookie dough balls just waiting in the freezer for another day! Why do the work and make a mess twice? But enjoying a hot cookie twice, that’s a no brainer. 
  19. Make your mind up once (in the morning) telling yourself that you’re not focusing on laundry that particular day and stick to it. Don’t go back and forth thinking, “oh but I should be doing laundry today”. That is wasted mental energy and takes away the joy from what you’re focused on.  
  20. Turn on music! Game changer and mood lifter for both mom and kids. 
  21. Dance with your kids. 
  22. Plan a movie night and pop popcorn. 
  23. Take your vitamins.
  24. Think of your favorite hobbies. Pick one and do it.  Being creative works wonders at getting out of a funk.
  25. Simply write out a to-do list of everything that’s on your mind. This exercise gets everything out of your head and onto paper. Then you can relax knowing you won’t forget things. 
  26. Save your gift cards for a day when you’re needing a pick-me-up and would love someone else to cook. Just saved your kitchen from a big hot mess, you’re welcome!
  27. Frustrated that you can’t get things done on your to-do list because your kids constantly need you? Give them some concentrated time filling them up with what they want to do (while your phone is put away) and you’ll be amazed at what they let you get done.
  28. Take a break from social media for a week or two. Delete the apps for a set amount of time, you’ll be amazed what happens!
  29. Get down on the floor and play with your kids.
  30. Bad days can always be turned around. Have a backwards day. Tell your kids they can wear their clothes backwards (they think this is hilarious), do things out of order or make breakfast for dinner.
  31. BONUS suggestion, go make your own list just like this one tailored to what helps YOU when you’re having a bad day. Or print this list up and put it on your fridge!

Now go have a GREAT DAY!!!!