30 Things to do When You’re Having a Bad Day!

  1. Get outside. Be in nature for at least 10 minutes to clear your mind and reset the mood, even during winter months. 
  2. Call or text a friend and ask how they are doing.
  3. Get out of the house and take a short drive. 
  4. Leave your phone upstairs and don’t feel like you have to be available 24/7. 
  5. Put on makeup. Doesn’t take long to do, but this can be a game changer in mood and productivity.  
  6. Go to the park and let the kids run around. Free and fun!
  7. Grab a book, and read.  
  8. Set a timer for 30-60 minutes and get as much done as possible. Then reward yourself with a nice homemade coffee or trip out of the house to get one if that’s what your headspace needs.  You’ll feel both productive and re-charged.
  9. It’s okay to leave that to-do list and simply sit and snuggle your children. They grow up fast and looking back, you won’t have wished you had cleaned more, but you will be happy you spent time with your kids.
  10. Pack a super simple picnic and eat at a local park. 
  11. Make your bed. 
  12. Cook a meal for your family. They are always worth cooking for.  Create memories in the kitchen and around the table.
  13. Go for a run or get your body moving, endorphins are amazing and it doesn’t have to take long. I mean, who doesn’t want a clearer mind and more energy?
  14. Set up a coffee date with a friend. 
  15. Set the timer for a 20 minute power cleanup with the kids. Tell them you’ll take them out to play chalk or for a bike ride afterwards. It’s a win-win! 
  16. It’s okay to take a nap. Sometimes a 15-30 minute snooze is all you need.  Drooling is allowed!
  17. Plan some meals that you can make ahead in the morning so it frees up time later in the day. Even better if it makes leftovers and covers you through the next day. Team leftovers over here!!!
  18. Batching! A great concept that may require a tad more work/ingredients upfront but brings welcomed reprieve another day. Like pre-made cookie dough balls just waiting in the freezer for another day! Why do the work and make a mess twice? But enjoying a hot cookie twice, that’s a no brainer. 
  19. Make your mind up once (in the morning) telling yourself that you’re not focusing on laundry that particular day and stick to it. Don’t go back and forth thinking, “oh but I should be doing laundry today”. That is wasted mental energy and takes away the joy from what you’re focused on.  
  20. Turn on music! Game changer and mood lifter for both mom and kids. 
  21. Dance with your kids. 
  22. Plan a movie night and pop popcorn. 
  23. Take your vitamins.
  24. Think of your favorite hobbies. Pick one and do it.  Being creative works wonders at getting out of a funk.
  25. Simply write out a to-do list of everything that’s on your mind. This exercise gets everything out of your head and onto paper. Then you can relax knowing you won’t forget things. 
  26. Save your gift cards for a day when you’re needing a pick-me-up and would love someone else to cook. Just saved your kitchen from a big hot mess, you’re welcome!
  27. Frustrated that you can’t get things done on your to-do list because your kids constantly need you? Give them some concentrated time filling them up with what they want to do (while your phone is put away) and you’ll be amazed at what they let you get done.
  28. Take a break from social media for a week or two. Delete the apps for a set amount of time, you’ll be amazed what happens!
  29. Get down on the floor and play with your kids.
  30. Bad days can always be turned around. Have a backwards day. Tell your kids they can wear their clothes backwards (they think this is hilarious), do things out of order or make breakfast for dinner.
  31. BONUS suggestion, go make your own list just like this one tailored to what helps YOU when you’re having a bad day. Or print this list up and put it on your fridge!

Now go have a GREAT DAY!!!!

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How Bebe du Nord Toys Help Your Baby’s Development

Educational toys are crucial in helping your baby develop essential skills they will need throughout their life. From the very beginning, babies are eager to learn about the world around them. The texture, shapes and colors of toys stimulate a variety of learning experiences. Here are three great ways that Bebe du Nord toys help your baby’s development.

Nurture Creativity and Imagination

Stuffed animals like the Polka Dot Club rabbits and bears from Bebe du Nord help nurture creativity and imagination for your baby’s development. These toys encourage pretend play that helps build the groundwork for future social skills. As your baby grows, stuffed animals can become imaginary friends to help your child cope and manage their emotions. 

Develop Fine and Gross Motor Skills 

Bebe du Nord toys can help your baby develop fine and gross motor skills. From the age of one month, these toys help stimulate your child’s senses. Stainless steel toy keys and wooden rattles encourage eye-hand coordination as the baby reaches out to grab them. 

Encourage Problem Solving

Bebe du Nord toys like the wooden stacking toy in our product catalog encourage problem-solving skills for your baby’s development. These toys encourage your baby to figure out how to think about the steps involved in putting things together. Through experimentation, your baby develops concentration and focus to come up with solutions.

Shop Bebe du Nord Toys for Your Baby’s Development

Playtime is the best time for learning and teaching. Toys provide numerous potential experiences for your baby to build skills for a successful future. Your baby can develop all the vital skills for their development with high-quality heirloom toys from Bebe Du Nord that are built to last. Our toys are all-natural, easy to care for and non-toxic for your baby. Shop our online collection of Bebe du Nord toys today.

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“What can I do to help?  Can I answer phone calls?”  Lois, my very own sweet mother that still worries about her baby. 

Flowers are not the only beauty that I have seen this spring.  I have been fortunate enough to have the privilege of answering the calls, texts, and emails of families that have welcomed a new baby into their family.  They are elated, exhausted, worried, overjoyed, unsure, confident, grateful, barely hanging on, but with every single family there is a palpable love.

All of these babies are loved. They don’t just know it, they feel it and experience it. A palpable love. A love so strong, it comes through in the voice of a worried grandma, in the email of a detail-oriented father, in the words of a strong mother with twins, while she chases her toddler trying desperately not to drop her phone, in the words of a mother that assures me (actually assures me!), that it’s ok that we can’t be there every night, she is just grateful and at peace with the nights we can be there. 

So many babies. This has been our busiest spring. So many late nights, early mornings, and long days working behind the scenes, and it would all be impossible without my assistant, Lisa. Lisa intuitively picks up where I left off so that I can spend time with my new granddaughter. 

Palpable, strong love. 

“All of the care we have had has been fantastic.” And this leads me right into the incredible outpouring of love and support for these families through our care providers. They have juggled schedules, filled in for one another, sacrificed an event, or simply a night in their own bed to help a family. Sometimes, I then worry that they are working too hard, and I want to be sure that they are also prioritizing their health and families. So, we talk. But the thing is ~ they love this work. It fills them up to the brim.

A palpable, strong love. 

This love weaves through everything that we all do every day and every night. A team of incredible care providers working so hard to help our incredible families.  It’s a miracle that it all works.  But love does that – makes the impossible possible.    

“It has been busy and amazing at the same time. Thank you for your patience and for the lovely opportunity. It is a privilege to work for you and even more so families and their precious gifts.”  Sheila  Emoji  Emoji  Emoji 

“What do you want for dinner?”, “Emoji I love you. Emoji”, my husband, Phil 

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How the Beauty of Simplicity is Beneficial for Your Baby

Your baby’s environment can influence how they learn and behave. Being surrounded by numerous toys and items can cause sensory overwhelm and stress. Babies need only a few high-quality things to help them grow. Buying less stuff is also good for the planet for future generations. Here is how the beauty of simplicity can be beneficial for your baby.

Simplicity Fosters Creative Play

The toys and items in your baby’s environment can help stimulate creativity and imagination. Choosing fewer items helps your baby figure out ways to play with toys in resourceful ways. Many of today’s toys for babies do their playing for them. Simple items are less distracting and allow your baby to figure out new ways to have fun with them.

Simplicity Encourages Gratitude and Appreciation

The simplicity of fewer baby items helps encourage gratitude and appreciation. Fewer toys are easier to care for and teach your baby to value what they have as they grow. Toys that are seen as disposable can quickly get broken and destroyed without care because your child can just get another. As your baby gets older, they can learn how to become conscientious consumers when asking for new toys.

Simplicity Creates a Calmer Home

Many new parents can easily become overwhelmed with all the items they think their baby might need. Too many baby items create chaos and stress with the constant cleanup. Simplicity helps create a calmer and cleaner environment for both you and your baby so you can live happy and healthy lives.

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Benefits of Swaddling with Baby Blankets

Swaddling is a technique used for thousands of years to help soothe newborns and help them sleep. Figuring out how to swaddle takes a little bit of a learning curve but well worth the time invested. Here are three benefits your baby will receive from swaddling.

Swaddling Helps Your Baby Feel Secure

The world can be a harsh environment for newborns. Bright lights and new noises can be discomforting. Swaddling techniques help mimic the warm and secure environment of the womb to help them feel safe. It can stabilize a baby’s heart rate and lower cortisol levels to help them self-soothe.

Alleviates the Startle Reflex

Newborns can often experience a startle reflex in the first four months of life. This normal neurological response creates a free-falling sensation for your baby. This reflex can be disruptive to your baby’s sleep. Swaddling with baby blankets can help minimize these spontaneous movements to help them get the rest they need.

Helps Calm Colic Symptoms

A baby with colic can be an incredibly difficult experience for any parent. Many parents often feel helpless trying to calm their crying baby. Colic symptoms are believed to be the result of a baby’s developing digestive system. An inability to digest food can create intense pain and gas, which results in prolonged crying and fussiness. Swaddling with a baby blanket can be therapeutic by applying light pressure to the baby’s stomach to relieve colic symptoms.

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3 Vital Benefits of Baby Mobiles

Baby mobiles are an essential part of any nursery. These devices can soothe your baby to sleep and keep them entertained while they are awake. Mobiles are more than simply nursery decor.  They are an indispensable educational tool to help your baby’s overall development. Here are the vital benefits your baby can receive from mobiles.  

Brain Stimulation for Neural Development  

The primary benefit for a baby mobile is to stimulate brain function for neural development. As your baby’s eyes follow the swaying of the hanging toys, the experience helps sharpen spatial reasoning and depth perception. The mobile will also help lull the baby to sleep, which is imperative for proper brain development.  

Development of Strength and Fine Motor Skills  

Mobiles are highly beneficial for helping your baby develop fine motor skills. As your baby starts to sit up, they will need to turn their head to sit up. This can help strengthen muscles in the neck and back. As the baby reaches for the dangling toys, hand-eye coordination improves motor skills development.  

Strong Educational Start with Baby Mobiles  

You can also use a baby mobile to teach your baby new words, shapes, and colors. If the baby mobile features toy animals, you can help your baby learn about where those animals live and the sounds they make. Counting the number of dangling objects can give them a head start on their math skills.  

Looking for a Baby Mobile for Your Nursery?  

Choosing the best baby mobile is crucial. There are many options to choose from so you can fit your decor. Ideally, you will want to choose a mobile that features colors to stimulate brain development and keep your baby entertained.

DISCLAIMER: “if you do choose to use mobiles, make sure they do not hang low enough to entangle your baby, especially once she begins to roll or get up on her hands and knees. In fact,  once your baby is 5 months old or able to sit up, it will definitely be time for her mobile to come  down.” – AAP Healthy Children 

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