NSN- BabySoft, LLC

NSN-BabySoft, LLC is now the exclusive U.S. distributor of BabySoft Patient Identification (ID) Bands. Manufactured in the UK by Brenmoor, Ltd. www.brenmoor.com, a leading provider of patient identification solutions, BabySoft ID bands provide greater patient safety through comfort and security.

With only an ultra soft, allergen and latex free foam in contact with a patient’s skin, there is less risk of irritation thus reducing susceptibility to cuts, scrapes, nicks, and infection.  A microslim label which allows for barcoding using direct thermal print provides for security and accuracy of pertinent patient information.  It adheres securely to the soft foam creating durability and strength.  The band is then wrapped around a patient’s wrist or ankle, overlapping back onto itself to form a continuous loop.

The BabySoft ID Bands are completely impervious to any absorption and offer a cost efficient solution for hospitals.

We believe every baby deserves a safer, softer entry into the world!

For more information, please visit our website  nsn-babysoft.com. or contact vsheaffer@northstarnewborns.com