A little love from our clients.


“Ellen, Anna Maria, and Hannah have all been so incredible with their care for my infant. I consider them practically part of our family and I can’t express how grateful I am to have such exceptional care. This postpartum period has been particularly challenging for my family with regards to our busy schedules and already having a toddler. However, hiring Ellen and her team was hands-down one the best decision we have made as a family. I cannot recommend this company enough for their exceptional childcare!!”

-Lindsay H.


“North Star Newborns truly helped us when we needed care for our sweet 3 month old daughter! I was transitioning back to work and our au pair wasn’t starting for a few weeks. Ellen was incredibly patient and was able to get our baby to take a good amount of her bottle right away for the first time! It was such a relief that our baby was taking the bottle and to have someone so experienced with bottle feeding. Ellen was so loving and I had absolute peace leaving our baby with her. She was also a joy to work with. She is a loving mother and grandmother who truly understands what it is like as a mom, and is also completely professional in every way. She is extremely dedicated and passionate about her work with babies.

We also were thrilled with the Nanny Training Services she provided!!! The training was extremely thorough and it helped me so much to have another experienced person who knew our baby to help train our au pair in our own home. My stress was decreased so much especially as a working mom. Overall, our transition to our au pair went exceptionally smoothly and the materials and training were outstanding!”

-Rena G


“We absolutely love Ellen. I needed child care for a full week and then certain days during the month. Finding quality child care is hard enough but combine that with such a varied schedule and it felt almost impossible. Plus I really hadn’t left my baby with anyone and I was apprehensive to have someone care for her. I was so fortunate to find Ellen. We spoke on the phone and I felt a tinge of optimism because Ellen’s experience was great and she seemed more than qualified to care for our baby. We met Ellen in person and by the time she left our house I knew I found the person I wanted to take care of my baby. Ellen watched my daughter for the full week and has come for part of the other scheduled days we need her for. The first day I left my baby with Ellen was tough for me but I was also felt a sense of relief. I knew Ellen would be able to handle anything my baby needed. My infant doesn’t always take a bottle reliably and Ellen worked through some hiccups with that. And since I hadn’t left my baby often I knew she might be a little apprehensive around someone new. Ellen probably has to use every trick in the book that first day but she kept my baby happy and comfortable. When Ellen comes into our house we can hand over our baby and know Ellen will read to her, cuddle and play with her, and handle anything else she needs. We can’t say enough great things about Ellen…she’s been amazing!”

-Katie O.


“Our nanny was out of town and I was desperate to find last minute care for our three month old baby, so that I could handle urgent meetings for work. North Star was incredibly responsive and scheduled Anna Maria and Jenna within a few hours to watch our baby at home while I worked.

Both Anna Maria and Jenna were so incredibly attentive, thoughtful and caring. They not only took excellent care of our little one, but were considerate towards me and our home. Anna Maria has an exceptionally calm and kind approach, and Jenna is filled with such positivity. It was wonderful to have them in our home.

Finding reliable support – especially for younger babies – is such a difficult and nerve-racking process. Ellen made it easy for us and put forth such an effort to understand the needs of our baby and us as parents.

Highly, highly recommend North Star!”

-Sabrina F


“Ellen came into our lives when my Charlie was 2 and Teddy was just a baby. I found her on, which to be honest, scared me to death (my nannies had all been people I knew and trusted). Ellen and I exchanged emails a few times before meeting, and just before we were about to have our “first date”, an issue came up where Ellen was not going to be able to be our nanny after all…dog issues…long story. I remember having this pit in my stomach. There was something about her and our exchanges, and I just knew I needed to do whatever to at least meet her. Ellen brought little Belle with her to the interview, and we fell in love that day.

Ellen began watching Charlie and Teddy every day from 8-5 in 2012. There is a feeling you get when you leave your kids with someone you trust with your whole heart. It’s a feeling that you just know your children are safe and being loved, and it feels so incredibly reassuring and calming. I felt that immediately.

My boys grew to love Ellen very quickly. They went on outings, to lunches, to parks all over the city. They went to museums, the zoo, for walks and the aquarium. They did all kinds of projects (both fun and academic), faith based thematic lessons, art work and puzzles. They cooked and they baked. And everyday, I just handed her my keys and my kids knowing 100% that they were as safe as they would be with me.

Ellen became like a member of our family…my mom here in MN, and like a grandma to my kids. When we welcomed our precious Gus at just 32 weeks, and under very serious and fairly life threatening conditions, Ellen was there.

She was at our house at 12:30 a.m. to watch the boys while I was rushed to the hospital by ambulance, she was there that morning to make sure they were not scared, and when I came home without my premature little guy, she took care of me too.

So when we were finally able to bring Gus home 21 days later, I never had a doubt about leaving that little guy with her.

Ellen has loved my three boys as though they were her own. She was my angel on a very scary night, my sanity 5 days a week, my piece of mind every single day as I left the 3 most important things I have ever known to head off to teach, and a true gift to our family. My heart broke into a million pieces when her daughter (very selfishly I might add) got pregnant. I knew my days were numbered.

Ellen still watches my boys now when our current nanny is sick, or needs a day off. She still picks the boys up when there are emergencies. She still stops by for hugs and kisses. I hope that never changes.

I know this was lengthy, but if you are like me, you won’t leave your child with just anyone. Your baby will be so loved in Ellen’s care. You are the lucky ones if Ellen Roeser is in your home. She is and will forever be a part of our family!

We love Ellen!”

– Kacky and Tony K.


“It’s truly a remarkable story; our journey together.  Just thinking about how far we’ve come brings so many emotions.  I couldn’t have imagined that my initial inquiry for help 2+ years ago would have led to such a meaningful connection in our lives.”

– David

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