The SNOO Bassinet


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The Snoo can be a wonderful tool to help your baby gently learn how to sleep.  Babies need motion to help them sleep, which explains why your baby wakes up every time you try to place him/her in the bassinet or crib, and why so many parents are up all night.

This is not a swing, there is no incline which can present many risks like the Rock ‘n’ Play Sleeper which was recently recalled.  The Snoo keeps your baby in the safest position possible throughout the night.   The swaddle helps your baby feel secure, and the white noise and motion gently ease your baby into a deep sleep.

Your baby will eventually transition into a crib at five or six months.   Generally, the baby is sleeping through the night at that point.  We have used the Snoo in the homes of many of our clients, so we know this product well.

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