North Star Newborns is the fastest growing, in-home infant care provider in the Twin Cities area specializing in one-on-one care of newborns and infants in their first year of life. We provide only the best newborn and infant care specialists who have been thoroughly vetted so you can be completely confident in the safety and security of your newborn or infant.  Our newborn and infant care specialists are fully insured registered nurses, postpartum doulas, and newborn care specialists.


Mission Statement

To provide the highest quality personalized care and services for baby and family during the first year of life.


NSN-BabySoft, LLC is now the exclusive U.S. distributor of BabySoft Patient Identification Bands. Ultra soft, allergen and latex free foam combines with a barcode printable label to form a durable ID band which provides greater patient safety through comfort and security. With less risk of skin irritation and infection, direct thermal print scannability and impervious to any absorption, our hope is that every hospital will recognize the benefits of BabySoft ID bands. We believe every baby deserves a safer, softer entry into the world!  For more information, please visit nsn-babysoft.com.

North Star Newborns also represents and recommends high quality products that are just the right fit for this most precious stage of life. We trial new and innovative products from around the world and give our ‘stamp of approval’ to the Products We Love here on our website and social media pages!