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North Star Newborns

Passion. My personal passion of caring for newborns and young children is a source of deep joy for me. It has led to North Star Newborns, a service providing one on one care for newborns and infants up to 12 months of age. Decades of experience, both personally with my three children and two grandchildren, and professionally with over fifty families has provided me with a wealth of experience to provide loving care.

Trust. Every parent that is seeking care for their infant should have the gift of complete trust in whomever is caring for their most precious possession. When parents need the help of providing their newborn or infant with warmth, love, an easy, slow pace and one on one attention, we offer to be there.

Security. The family is the source of human security. There are times when the family needs the support of another to offer this to their baby so they may all feel safe. When loving and professional care can provide security that goes beyond ‘child-care,’ a reassuring calm can be felt by parents and by the whole family.


“There is a feeling you get when you leave your kids with someone you trust with your whole heart. It’s a feeling that you just know your children are safe and being loved, and it feels so incredibly reassuring and calming. I felt that with Ellen immediately.”

-Kacky K.

Mission Statement

Using experience, education, and innovation, North Star Newborns offers the ultimate in-home care for newborns and infants. North Star Newborns wants to bring parents and their babies’ peace of mind, knowing that everything we offer is a benefit to both babies, and their families during a treasured time in life. Our prices reflect the value of care we bring into the lives and homes of the families we serve. By choosing North Star Newborns, you are not only receiving exceptional care but also allowing us to pay our Doulas and newborn care specialists the wages they deserve. We value our workers and families and treasure the relationships they build. We strive to be the best in the industry for both our services and our employment. 


Ellen Marie Roeser

I have always been drawn to newborns, infants, children of all ages, and their families.  There is a richness in family life that always brings about such a great sense of wonder and awe.  There is a way a baby or toddler looks back at you and you know they don’t care what color your hair is, how many wrinkles you have, if you are overweight, underweight, or have zero sense of style.  They just know how to LOVE.  It is that unconditional love and trust in a baby’s eyes that instilled a strong desire in my heart to protect this innocence and trust by providing families with care providers they could trust.  Care that is always gentle, loving, slowly paced, curious, and joyful. We want to bring this into your home.

About Newborn Care Specailists

  • What does an NCS do?
  • An NCS is generally hired to care for newborns either overnight or around the clock, and works independently with minimal guidance from parents. They are familiar with all of the “normal” appearances and behaviors of a newborn, and can help families determine when something is outside of that range of normal in order for parents to have peace of mind that their newborn is developing appropriately. An NCS often has extensive knowledge in caring for multiples or premature infants, and is well versed in establishing good eating and sleeping habits to set the optimal stage for sleep conditioning, with the goal of getting the newborn to sleep through the night and take age appropriate naps as soon as is healthy and possible for that individual newborn. An NCS is also well versed in supporting family values and understands the importance of a child having healthy, educated, and empowered parents. An NCS will understand the value of and will support a breastfeeding parent, and will also understand and support without judgment a parent who chooses to formula feed, no matter the reason. They will also have a basic understanding of Postpartum Mood Disorders, and can help keep the entire family healthy by knowing when to suggest outside help. The most recent information on optimal newborn care is something that the NCS keeps up with, and those resources are shared with families in order for parents to make educated decisions based on current research and what works best for their family dynamic and values. The NCS is willing to mentor others and be mentored whenever it is appropriate, and fully understands the scope of practice they should work within at all times.

  • History of the NCS
  • The term “Newborn Care Specialist” (NCS) was coined in 2007 when industry leaders, who were gathered at an INA conference, saw the need to have an appropriate and cohesive term to describe someone who focused on the care of newborns. The previous term used by most of the industry was “night nurse” or “baby nurse,” and as most of the women who fall into the category of Newborn Care Specialist were not Registered Nurses, that term was not only inappropriate, but also illegal. The term NCS gave the industry a truly definitive title that describes the extensive knowledge and training that these professionals have in caring for newborns, and helped bring NCS under the umbrella of in-home providers that the INA represents. As the need for continuing education grew, INA became the first organization to offer NCS workshops in a conference setting. In 2010, the NCS Committee was formed and the INA began offering a full track of newborn care workshops at the annual conference in 2011. INA is committed to leading the way in continuing education for NCS and dedicated to maintaining the high professional standards it has set for its members.