Welcome to North Star Newborns!

There is a feeling you get when you leave your kids with someone you trust with your whole heart. It’s a feeling that you just know your children are safe and being loved, and it feels so incredibly reassuring and calming. I felt that with Ellen immediately.
-Kacky K.

Passion.  My personal passion of caring for newborns and young children is a source of deep joy for me. It has led to North Star Newborns, a service providing one on one care for newborns and infants up to 12 months of age. Decades of experience, both personally with my three children and two grandchildren, and professionally with over fifty families has provided me with a wealth of experience to provide loving care.

Trust. Every parent that is seeking care for their infant should have the gift of complete trust in whomever is caring for their most precious possession. When parents need the help of providing their newborn or infant with warmth, love, an easy, slow pace and one on one attention, we offer to be there.

Security.  The family is the source of human security. There are times when the family needs the support of another to offer this to their baby so they may all feel safe.  When loving and professional care can provide security that goes beyond ‘child-care,’ a reassuring calm can be felt by parents and by the whole family.

Our background:

Ellen Marie Roeser, Founder and Owner of North Star Newborns.

I am a healthy and active mother of three, grandmother of three and resident of St. Louis Park, MN. When my last child left for college, I accepted a nanny position with a family in Plymouth and they are still very dear to me. As a grandmother I have rediscovered my true calling: providing the best care for not only the newborn, but supporting the family as well.